Judy Harrison, Life Coach
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Holding onto...letting go


Don’t be surprised if we’re standing in your living room just talking about the weather or your new sofa and suddenly, without warning, you burst into tears. You won’t be the first and likely won’t be the last. As you realize the deep sense of trust in our collaboration, I encourage you to express your feelings openly. As a wise woman once told me, “Happy/sad, tears/smiles, same-same, no difference, both feelings.” Hmm. So true. Why does our culture teach us that some of our emotions and feelings are “good” but some are to be hidden, denied? Truly, my wise friend is correct: same-same. Your feelings will shift around. I will tell you if I suspect depression, something deeper than a blah day. I too might tear up on occasion, and I’ll definitely join you when you get your giggle back!