Judy Harrison, Life Coach
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“What do you need when you don’t know what you need? A person with a new perspective and fresh eyes to look at your situation. Recently separated, living by myself and wondering how I was going to stay strong during the divorce process, a friend recommended I meet Judy, a life coach with decorating talent. I thought, ‘What an odd combination of skills.’ The relationship turned out to be a game changer fo me. She was the rudder of the ship I was attempting to steer. Judy asked probing questions and allowed me to face my feelings and move on through the next stages of my life. Knowing she was there to listen to my life saga as well as to help me make choices for my new home, gave me great comfort. I truly believe I would not be where I am today without her guidance, honest straight talk and encouragement. She was/is a joy to work with and I am proud to call her ‘friend’.” ~~Mary Ann – Richmond, VA
“Even though the divorce is finalized and I’m settled into my new home I will call on Judy anytime I want to make small or big changes. She is the best!” ~~Laura – Midlothian, VA
“When a friend suggested that I contact Judy my first thought was, can I afford her? The truth is she saved me thousands of dollars. When the tile installation was lovely...but the wrong tile, she encouraged me to ask if they wanted to remove the mistake and install what I had ordered, or reduce the price on their oops. The result, the price was cut in half! This is only one example of many. Her suggestions for repurposing things I already had in completely new ways instead of buying new were brilliant, and another huge cost cutter.” ~~Cathy – Richmond, VA
“Judy has a patient ear and a gracious heart. She finds that delicate balance between allowing her divorce clients to grieve and gently moving them forward toward building a new life. Never shocked, never judgmental, she guides her clients through accepting what has happened in their lives, and then creating and embracing a new vision for themselves and for their families.” ~~Margaret – divorce coaching client
“Starting with our very first meeting I felt as though I’d known Judy my whole life. She was always there when I needed decorating help, a listening ear, a fresh perspective, or a shoulder to cry on. She’s a tiny woman with a huge heart and oodles of talent.” ~~Judy (“the other Judy” :-) ) – Virginia Beach, VA
“Warm, funny, bright, creative, insightful and caring. I could go on and on describing her personal and professional qualities. So glad a good friend recommended her.” ~~Ann – Glen Allen, VA
“I know if I had not hired Judy I would be sitting in an undecorated house, stressed out, and staring at unopened boxes. Thank you Judy.” ~~Karen – Charlottesville, VA
“Working with Judy was like spending time with a good friend. Her ability to be compassionate and open-hearted, while strong, encouraging and helpful, was comforting during the most difficult time in my life.” ~~Kelly – suddenly single woman
“I felt as if I was her only client even though I knew that wasn’t the case. She was always so present, even turning off her cell phone during meetings, and conversations with me. Who does that these days? I can’t say enough positive things about the professional service she provides, and the kind of woman she is.” ~~Alice – Midlothian, VA